Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't Forget to Vote...

Well, between my new employer wanting me to actually work, and the quest to find a new house to live in, last week saw no update to the blog.

However, during my my 3 ½ hour drive from Holland, Michigan to Indianapolis this morning I managed to let my brain achieve that higher stage of consciousness that so often leads to my random deep thoughts and/or arrest for creating an unlawful disturbance.

Obviously, most of these relate to music or driving, given I scribbled them out while cruising down the highway. Let's jump right in and see what new and insightful life lessons I have for you today:

Somewhere there is a Saab driver who knows what the hell they are doing, but I still haven't met her yet.

Despite what the group America says, Oz also gave the Tin Man directions to a very good seafood restaurant.

Why don't CHEATING and CREATING rhyme? I mean look at them…they're practically twins!!!!

Did Manfred Mann have bands on other planets in our solar system?

Am I the only one who thinks Paul Young's voice is about 400 times better than Neil Young's?

Ya know, John Waite's English really isn't all that "Bad" for someone born in the UK.

Given their name, I think MODERN ENGLISH should have been a BAD ENGLISH tribute band.

Pound for pound, Karen Carpenter had the prettiest voice of all time. Which reminds me:

It is worth noting that there are just two months left to vote for the best Skiving Off one-liner of 2008. At this time the polls indicate our leader is:

"Somewhere between Karen Carpenter and Mama Cass there is a happy middle ground."

followed closely by:

"I'd give my left arm to be ambidextrous."


Anonymous said...

As a SAAB driver for 36 years, I take initial offense at your comment. But I also have to admit that SAABs don't seem to care who drives them any more. The marketing (and the design) have moved toward "lowest common denominator" under the General's watch.


Jeff Skiver said...


Thanks for making contact. I knew their had to be a Saab driver out there somewhere who wasn't driving 10 mph below the posted speed limit in the passing lane with two wheels straddling the dotted white line, completely engrossed in a cell phone conversation while pausing occasionally to steer with a knee in order to bust out a text message... you know... driving like the average Toyota Tercel owner....