Friday, April 4, 2014

Cutting Through The Myth of Chris Schwarz

 Back in 2009, Chris Schwarz spent blog space babbling about his striking knife.

3 Things I Like About My Striking Knife

Suddenly, 5 years later....

Cue the Marty Stouffer voice-over discussing "circle of life" while we watch the video of the wolf eating the baby rabbit.

Yep.  Today at the Lie-Nielsen tool even at PopWood in Cincinnati I purchased this very striking knife from Chris for $15.  It is the same one shown above that says "London" on one side and "1876" on the other. 

Like a 17 year old girl who has been dumped two days after prom, this little knife is right now sobbing, "Chris Schwarz liked THREE things about me back in 2009!!!!!!!!  Why was this not enough to keep us together forever?!?!?!"

With that said it should also be noted that today Chris also GAVE me a complete set of turning tools to give to a 14 year old kid/guy I know who is just now learning the craft.

Our cut-throat world has no way to really understand Chris Schwarz, because Chris is a guy who does not make money the #1 priority in every decision he makes.  Chris just won't milk out the last dollar (or two dollar bill) at the cost of the craft or the relationship.

Since the moment Chris and I met about 8 years ago, my life has been GENUINELY improved because of Chris Schwarz and his selfless desire to promote  woodworking, craftsmanship, and writing.

Thank you, Chris... not just for the deal on the striking knife or the turning tools for Jared, but thanks for everything you've done for me over the last 8 years..

I will cherish this striking knife, and I will take very good care of it.  (Camellia... Jojoba... whatever it takes.)