Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bugs, Harvey, and Me

Do most people have high opinions of bunnies?

Because I am starting my workday covered in bunny fur.

It all goes back to Ireland. During my vacation in Ireland in June, I bought at least four sweaters that my wife refers to as “old man sweaters.” There is a cardigan with a full zipper that is especially Fred Rogers’ish when I don it to fight off the nip. However, last week I tossed it into the tiny trunk of the Benz and managed to bust out two zipper teeth when the trunk latch came down on it. It is off at Lucy Tailor (that can’t be her real last name) having the zipper replaced this week.

During my transition from Michigan to Indianapolis I am living with my parents while diligently looking for a new home. (Do you have any idea how tough it is to find a house that provides at least 1000 square feet of woodshop area in addition to at least 3 stalls of garage space in a neighborhood that would be willing to accept ME?????) So during this time of living with my folks, most of my clothing is still in Michigan. All of my coats and jackets are in Michigan. I just brought two old man sweaters to Indianapolis. The cardigan is at the tailor for repair, so this morning I ran back into the house and pulled on my Bunny Hair (Angora) Commando Sweater. I pulled it on over my lovely oxford dress shirt. My cufflinks dug into the sleeves as I wrestled the sweater over the upper half of my body, but eventually I got it on. I drove to work with the outside temperature digitally indicated at 31 degrees. Even with the seat heaters in the VW I am glad I had the sweater on.

I arrived at work, walked to my office, and pulled the sweater off. My lovely dress shirt is COVERED in blue fuzz. It is angelically soft blue fuzz. It is the blue fuzz of the softest bunnies on the planet, but I am covered in blue fuzz.

Something else…since I am the owner of the most famous dog in Woodworking (the yellow lab Peyton), my world contains countless sticky lint rollers. And even though my entire career has seen one of these in my desk drawer, I have not yet brought one in for my new office. So I am sitting here... FUZZY... with no tape roller available.

I have to wonder about the style factor. When judging pieces of flair, can the bunny hair be considered an accessory since its navy color accents nicely with the various blues in the pattern of my shirt? Perhaps I am at the forefront of a new look. If Bunny Fuzz become THE look of the fall season, remember you saw it here first.


Anonymous said...

Always on the leading edge. Usually insanity, but fashion might be a whole new horizon for you!!

Al said...

I chuckled...

Scotch Tape, or something similar, works wonders. Simply roll some on your hand, sticky side up, and get to work. For your back, have someone nice do it for you.

Anonymous said...

do you need me to bring a lint roller too? gls

Jeff Skiver said...

Ahhh, Gail....

Who would I do... I mean WHAT would I do without you?

I went out to the VW and dug around in the passenger side map pocket, and I found a lint roller that you must have hidden in there long ago. I came back in, shut the door of my office, and (just like Michael Scott) I stripped down to my wife-beater and rolled the bunny fur off of my shirt. It took 3 pieces of lint roller tape to complete the job, but I am effectively fuzz-free.

I wasn't sure it would actually work because the label of the Evercare Lint Pic-Up states, "Quickly picks up lint, dust, dandruff and pet hair." Obviously, I had no way of knowing if the Angora Bunnies were "pets" or not. However, given the success I had with the Evercare Lint Pic-Up I can only assume the bunnies were fully domesticated "pets."

Anonymous said...

So - what does Harvey have to do with anything? In addition to being an imaginary bunny, he also appears to be an imaginary subject of your post!

Jeff Skiver said...

Harvey, Imaginary????


Elwood P. Dowd and I have partied with that Pooka on many occasions, and I assure you he is quite real.

What is much less known about him is that Harvey is Angora.

It should be noted that writing blog titles is my favorite part of this gig.