Sunday, February 22, 2015

Patiently Waiting

Racing restarts in America today.  Well, a form of racing restarts.  To the NASCAR crowd this week is their birthday, Christmas, the Opening of Wild Boar season all rolled together.  For me, it's just another day waiting for the return of the one I love.

I suppose I prefer my racing a little more lean and athletic.  I prefer my racing more chiseled and German.  The great love of my racing life is Formula 1.

To 95% of the world, my distinction is likely lost, but to me the differences between NASCAR and F1 are enough that this afternoon Peyton and I will skip the Daytona 500 and watch old episodes of The Sopranos on the big TV through Amazon Prime Fire Stick.  (Peyton prefers Sex in the City, but without thumbs he cannot gain control of the remote.)

We furniture makers well understand the concept that details that are significant enough to drive our actions, direct our purchases, and steer our creative art are overlooked by 95% of the world.  Still, the choice between the dovetail bit and the saw & chisel can be be very personal.  My preference for Formula 1 seems to be rooted as deep in my soul as my preference for a dovetail saw and the feel of my hands on my chisel.

I have no ill will toward the folks celebrating the return of NASCAR today.  I just know that I need both left and right turns.  I need the mental strain of the chess match around fuel and tire strategies.  I need NEED racing in the rain.

So, Peyton and I will wait three more weeks for the start of the F1 Season.  And as always, we will be up in the middle of the night as that season kicks off in Australia.  In the interest of full disclosure I will admit that HOW Peyton chooses to watch the race with me is not always comfortable.

Peyton and I will wait three more weeks.  We will be up after midnight without hesitation to start another year with our German Silver Arrow.  We've waited this long, what is another three weeks.  Immer, wir bleiben.

Postscript: The German Silver Arrow is so beautiful and so photogenic that regardless of its age, it still quickens the pulse and sets off a wave of endorphin that reminds everyone why the credo is: The Best or Nothing.