Monday, November 3, 2008

I Got The Shaft

I’ve been called a lot of things, but “Boring” is not one of them.

You may not like my style, but rest assured…I have style. And I like to do things to spice up life. For example, no one on my team knows this yet, but today is going to be Shaft Monday.

What in the world is Shaft Monday, you ask???? (Don’t think about mines or projecting power between the transmission and the differential…instead, think of Isaac Hays singing about Richard Roundtree…)

This afternoon I have to meet with a couple of people to get updates for an upcoming prototype event.

Those brief meetings are going to go like this:

Jeff Skiver(in the role of Program Manager): Who’s the Asian Cat who’s finalizing the software updates?
Mike (the Project Leader): You mean Tom Kim?
Skiver: DAMN RIGHT!!!!!!!

Skiver: What’s our confidence that we will be logistically ready to pull the trigger on 10NOV08?
Jennifer (Operations Lead): At least 98%
Skiver: Can you dig it?!?!?!?

Skiver: And who’s the cat with his finger on the P&L to make sure Management is happy with this thing and let’s us keep our jobs?
The entire team (looking scared and confused): That would be you, Skiver….
Skiver: RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!

Meetings really can be fun, especially if you decide to Shaft ‘em Up. Another bonus is when you decide to implement Shaft Monday, your meetings become another talking point for your teammates to use in their discussions with HR. Can you dig it?


JasonB said...


You are one bad mutha...

Anonymous said...

watch your mouth...gls

Justin T. said...

I'm just talkin' about Skiver.

jasonb said...

Now THAT was a team effort!!! Way to come together people.

Jeff Skiver said...

Well, let me just add that:

I'm a complicated man...

and no one understands me but "my woman."

jasonb said...

We rock!

Anonymous said...

Do you also have a Putney Swope Day?