Monday, February 25, 2008

Turn Me On, Dead Man

Who among us doesn’t like to head for the wood shop, drop a little acid, and expand the mind???? The Beatles may be the poster boys for the Psychedelic 60’s music scene, but I don’t know if most of the readers of Rolling Stone recognize the woodworking tribute The Beatles gave us.

I refer, of course, to side four of The White Album….Revolution 9.

Number 9…

Number 9…

Number 9…

I cannot help but mumble the words from that incomprehensible Beatles’ track whenever I am using my Shooting Board. I seem to fixate on that “song” every time I grab hold of the hotdog and begin moving my 9 back and forth. (WOW!!!!!…that has GOT to be the naughtiest phrase in woodworking…)

Perhaps it has something to do with my Second Amendment Rights, but shooting makes me happy. Take, for example, this photo.

Tonight I was fitting the long rear stretcher of my Holtzapffel Workbench to the leg mortise. I could have easily been upset that I managed to tweak (mess up) the height of my Forrest Dado King TWICE on this tenon so that I had to do some veneer patching ON BOTH SIDES of the tenon. However, any angst over that mistake just vanished into the air of my woodshop as I went about fixing a different issue. My tenon was 3 3/64” long. My mortise is about 3” deep. What’s a fella to do???

Lock and Load, Baby. It’s time to do some shooting!!!!!

You don't need that A-K; just grab your NINE.

Wet the end grain with mineral spirits, and shoot the end off of that hard maple tenon.

A few passes later, and I have a pile of hard maple full length end grain shavings and a tenon of the perfect length. Make a note of this: Full length end grain shavings quickly block out any self hatred from the dado mistake.

Now I realize one doesn’t need the Lie-Nielsen #9 Iron Miter Plane to use a shooting board, but it sure is nice. Besides, I am a rock crawling Jeep guy from way back…I have an affinity for boxy vehicles that make the almost-impossible look easy.


Chris in MD said...

OK I have to ask, how many LN planes do you have? Just from your blog I know you have a white bronze #1, a #8 (a valentines gift at the office), and now a number 9 miter plane.

I myself just purchased the hotdog for my #62. I need to fiddle with it as it seems cramped under the cheek with the iron cap...

If it doesnt work out, then it goes back to LN and then I might consider parting with more cash for the #9.

Jeff Skiver said...

Chris, that's the first feedback I've heard on the Low Angle Jack Hot Dog. I hope it works out (both for your sake and for Tom's...)

I have about 15 Lie-Nielsen planes. I also have Lie-Nielsen saws, chisels, screw drivers, spoke shaves, the apron, hat, T-shirts, and just about every DVD they have ever made.

Also, I have had a Lie-Nielsen workbench on order since last May.

I even have one of the Ken Wisner #95 planes (the guy/plane TLN bought out back in 1981.)

Watch for a blog post in the next few days on my latest Lie-Nielsen plane that is currently headed my way...

Luckily for my bank full blown (no holds barred) obsession is only with Lie-Nielsen. The Bridge City obsession only extends to Layout far. I have fought off the temptation of the HP-6v2 for months. As soon as I cave in to that one my wife will have to start delivering pizzas, pumping gas, or working at a liquor store all night long...

Oh...and I like Festool, too. I really need to find a 12 step program.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, Really enjoy your blog. Too humorous. Glad Chris Schwarz decided to put your name out there.
Might want to check out a msic group called "The Whiskey Bards". There music will probably be right up your alley.

Post some pics of your workbench when it's done.


Chris in MD said...


GEEZ I thought I had a problem, but 15 means that there is someone worse than me out there...

Come on share the list!

I have some Limited Edition #1 envy, but I do have the 4.5Bronze and the LV SS plane. Yes I have a soft spot for Limited Editions

Which saws and screw drivers do you have?

Ethan said...

12 steps? I think I can get it done in eight...

1. Set up a no-fee checking account (w/free debit card) in a bank other than the one you normally use.
2. Set up your direct deposit pay check to automatically put $50 a month into your new checking account.
3. Complain to wife about socialist government programs as you rant and rave over the additional $50 a month being taken out of your paycheck!
4. Patiently wait the required number of months for your balance to equal the purchase price of desired plane.
5. Contact Tom and use said debit card to complete purchase.
6. Call Tom back to remind him to ship it to your work address.
7. Quietly integrate new "family member" by mixing them in with the other planes.
8. Work on the line, "New plane? Nyaaaah, I've had that one for a while now, sweetie."

(My RL situation is only slightly different - she knows I have this system in place. Hey, she has her fun money and I have my fun money. We're both happy and it is all accounted for in our monthly budget.

woodgeek said...

Nice miter plane Jeff! How did you get TLN to autograph it? The only razz I can give is to ask you why isn't it a bronze one. ;-)

I've got a hot dog for my no62 and it works well -- making shooting much easier. I had to file some in the hot dog's slot to get it to fit my no62. But, as improved as my no62 is I still want a no9 for shooting.