Sunday, September 7, 2008

Who Needs the Dakotas???

Here is an image showing the Earthly location of this past week's blog readers.

(You can click the photo for a larger picture.)

As I've said before, I realize we have something of an international following. Although our penetration into the Middle East is still lagging behind, that is to be expected given most entries are written in English. (Wir koennten auch auf Deutsch schreiben, aber meine deutsche Freunde sprechen Englisch besser als ich Deutsch spreche.)

For me, the shocking thing about the map is the lack of blog visits from the Dakotas. I am left wondering if there is a vast Dakotian conspiracy in place to suppress my efforts, or at the very least to ignore me. Is it not understood that I am a black hole of emotional need who requires an endless spate of encouragement and edifying comments?

If you have family, friends, or loved ones currently residing in (or incarcerated in) North Dakota or South Dakota, I encourage you to write them, call them, or use the phone thing to talk through the glass to them and ask them to hit the blog during the next week. We need red dots on the Dakotas.

Let's face it, can I start pressuring the Skiving Off Regional Market Managers in Europe and Asia to improve their market penetration numbers for next quarter when we haven't even secured the Dakotas that sit a mere three states away from me?

I realize that Alaska is lagging behind also, but most of my mates from Dutch Harbor are busy fishing right now. So soon enough they'll be back home drinking and surfing the net and "Representing" with their own red dot.


Jasonb said...

I just noticed the door on your shaker clock. Are you using the plans from Woodcraft to build it? I'm just asking because I thought one of the most difficult joints to make on that project was the through tennons on the doors. I spent a lot of time getting those right and was pretty proud of them when I did. When I was at Woodcraft, buying the mechanism and face for the fourth clock I made, I decided to check out their sample clock to see how theirs looked. Guess what... the doors were half-lapped together. I felt cheated. And now, I look at your door, and I don't see the through tennons. Did I do all that extra work for nothing!!!??? On FOUR clocks for a total of EIGHT doors for a grand total THIRTY-TWO through tennons??!!

Jeff Skiver said...



An actual woodworking discussion on MY blog.

Jason, this clock is one that I started in my class with Chris Gochnour back in April/May. With the exception of planing the rough lumber and squaring the stock it is built entirely with hand tools. Also the door frame is mortise and tenon.

Since it isn't glued yet, I will break it down and shoot some pictures this afternoon and make an actual blog post to show how it is constructed. FYI...these are regular M&T's as opposed to through tenons.

Shannon said...

I had a history teacher in middle school that tried to convince his classes that North Dakota is actually a government conspiracy. He polled everyone in the school to see if anyone had friends, relatives, or acquaintances from ND and came up dry. Maybe someone else embraces the same theory??!

Jeff Skiver said...


I believe the Dakotas are there. I have seen Google Earth, and there is some type of land mass between Montana and Minnesota.

I am just surprised that the blog honestly gets more hits from Brazil and Columbia than we get from the Dakotas.

By the way, are you from Bogota?

Anonymous said...


Great blog, BUT, New Zealnd (East of Australia) is not on the map.

8-((( - Ron Ashford - New Zealand

neil stalker said...

I had a friend in N Dak...kind of a funny looking guy..but he passed...had an accident with a wood chipper or something...he woulda liked your blog