Thursday, September 18, 2008

Don’t Poke the Bear

It appears I brought a knife to a gun fight. I wanted to poke at the straight laced sensibilities of the editors of my favorite magazine, and they returned fire with a disproportionate response.

Many of us received the Popular Woodworking eNEWS email earlier today where Chris Schwarz put out an open call for Out of the Woodwork features.

----------- My desperate appeal to Chris ------------------

Chris, with regard to that whole thing about your not running the Christmas article...I didn’t mean anything by it. Hey, I kid you… I’m a kidder.

You're right; that Christmas thing I wrote was horrible. There is no way it was worthy of publication. Publishing it would have brought back Polio and most of mankind’s other plagues.

I'm sorry, man.

Don’t do this, Chris.

Give me another chance, Buddy.

Dude, are you breaking up with me?

Don’t make me go back to only writing for Railroad Model Craftsman. I can’t live like that.

---------- My attempt to reason with Megan -----------

Megan, that story I sent you last week that you are planning to run in December was actually written by Gail, and Gail wants to use that as her submission for the Leigh Jig Contest.

"I am Jeff Skiver, and I approve this message." (Jeff Skiver)


Anonymous said...

really? you want a dovetail jig? I thought you had a bunch of fancy DT saws?!

Jeff Skiver said...

GAIL wants the Leigh Jig....

Ethan said...

Personally, I'd probably sell the jig on eBay or Craig's List or some such place. I'm much more interested in the part about being published in PW magazine.

(But if I win, Jeff, I'll give Gail first dibs on the jig.)