Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Wasn't Just Showing Off The Tools...

I think the followers of this blog know me too well.

Yesterday, Matt said the blog update was just a chance to show off a bunch of Lie-Nielsen prizes. Please note this is not the Matthew I went to Ireland with…that Matt has far too much going on making the world safe by producing Humulin, Prozac, and Cialis than to follow my blog.

Well, there is a bit of truth to what blog-reader Matt said. However, there was also a bunch of Bridge City stuff (and a 100+ year old Maydole hammer in those photos that did not get publically recognized.)

The photos were included there for resume purposes, though. You see I have received more than a few notes asking me if I ever actually make anything, or if I do really just buy tools and lumber. So I decided to throw in some pictures of the Shaker Clock that is in the works. However, my selection of this piece for inclusion in the blog may also have something to do with one of the most brilliantly insightful things I have read recently. In the Out On A Limb (Editors Page) of the October 2008 issue of Popular Woodworking, Chris Schwarz speaking of the lack of fair artistic criticism among woodworkers says, “Stuff that looks like it should be hauled away in a dumpster usually gets kudos along the lines of: ‘That’s some nice red oak!’”

By the way, my blog buddy Ethan had a great entry in his blog on this very subject back in May. I encourage you to check it out. Reaching Critical Masses…

However, it seems that I am a feedback wuss. Because on the off chance anyone would have negative thoughts about the joinery and construction of my photographed project, I chose the Shaker Clock so that I would have the “beautiful curly cherry” line to fall back on.

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Ethan said...

Holy critical crickets, Batman! You read my blog??