Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sing. Sing a Song.

I know...I was supposed to describe additional tools I recently purchased. But I am a little loopy at the moment from milling up stock for my class next week. My planer is soooooooooo loud (even with earplugs) that it messes with my head more than a visit to the dentist. So it seems I am in one those Deep Thought moods again brought on by the hideous, unending scream of the planer.

Music is important to me, but, apparently, the planer is not music to my ears.

Music sets the tone for life. It’s not so important as to be the glue that holds life together, but music is the backdrop and the lighting that enrich the 8 by 10 snapshots of our existence.

With that thought I provide you my list of recommendations for which artists to listen to for specific situations. Lets go…

While dieting The Carpenters are a good choice

While snacking on cold cuts at home, I prefer to listen to The Mamas and The Papas

When I need to discuss anything with my dad, I like to put on some Marvin Gay.

When talking to your girlfriend anything produced by Phil Spector is a good choice

During an interview with Barbara Walters, Whitney Houston sets a very nice mood

While getting a hair cut, shave, or bikini wax... go for a little Britney Spears

For binge drinking and recreational drug use: Joplin, Morrison, and Hendrix are obvious choices.

If the weather turns nasty and you wonder if it is safe to travel, think it over while listening to Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, or Richie Valens.

Whenever a visit to any US Naval vessel is in order, it should be accompanied by a musical dose of Cher

For those acting out the story of the TV Series and feature film THE FUGITIVE where an amputee shows up to wreak havoc on the life of Dr. Richard Kimball…Paul McCartney would fit right in. (Alternately Def Leppard works in this situation).

If you find yourself struggling at the controls while flying that plane you built in your backyard, you could listen to John Denver

When you are busy working on your Income Tax Return, Willie Nelson provides the ideal soundtrack.

And, finally, for those times when you want to just hang out and do nothing, choose INXS.

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Jeff Skiver said...

My wife just called me a Dumbass, and it would appear she is right.

She finally read this latest post, and her response was, "Some of those are cute, but Whitney's interview was with Diane Sawyer, Dumbass."

I defensively said, "NO..........." realizing she is probably right, since I am not as up on Pop Culture as Gail...

I Googled away, and of course Gail is right.

My measured response to Gail, is "you know, Missy, when I sent you that email this week saying I had come up with a new was for more than just to let you have a little giggle at work. It would have been perfectly alright for you to email me back the correction on the Barbara Walter/Diane Sawyer thing before I posted it for the whole world to see."

You are allowed to help me verify the facts, Honey.

If I make it an ongoing habit to publish inaccurate facts without doing any research to verify the authenticity then I might as well hire Jayson Blair to write this blog for me.