Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Heinz 57...the Perfect Workbench Finish

When I first started this blog, I had an entry dedicated to a cute little Lie-Nielsen Special Edition #1 Bench Plane that I had scored on Ebay.

Then a couple of weeks later I posted an entry telling about the ongoing sense of loss I feel for having not purchased the 25th Anniversary 4 1/2 when it was offered in 2006. I mentioned that I was sure to get offers to sell me one of the 25th Anniversary 4 1/2's for waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy too much money, but I summarized that I was happy with the regular Lie-Nielsen 4 1/2 I purchased prior to the 25th Anniversary offering.

A couple weeks after the blog post, a 25th anniversary 4 1/2 showed up on Ebay. Do you remember that one? Here is a screen shot of the finished auction.

No, that's not me who paid $1125 USD. I have discipline. I said in early December I wouldn't buy one if it cost more than my first car. (We got that rusty orange 1972 Pontiac GTO for $900.)

However, a few weeks later when the Christmas hype was over, and the credit card bills were coming due for most of America, there were fewer bidders when another 4 1/2 came up. I purchase it for $650 and brought him home, and when I saw that it was number 57 of 500, I naturally nicknamed him Heinz. Yes, it is more than the original $450 price, but it was a deal I can gladly live with. (And just like my famous puppy's namesake who finally got his Super Bowl ring in February of 2007....I no longer have that monkey on my back.)

Finally, for those who think I sold out since I previously stated I didn't need another 4 1/2 in my arsenal, here is the justification for this purchase. The 25th Anniversary 4 1/2 has the high angle frog.

See that... it's a completely different tool. I clearly need a bronze 4 1/2 with a high angle frog. It's not my fault it's beautiful...I only got it because of the essential need. You know what else I need? I need to finish my dang workbench.


Ron in Phx said...

Heh, it's bronze and bronze is good.

I take it your wife does not read this blog..... :^)

Of course this is just sore grapes on my part as I have not pulled the trigger on a larger Lie-Nielson. :p

Damon said...

It looks like in the pictures that your little number one is having a tough time keeping up with the big boys. Great score on Heinz 57!

BTW, it was great to meet you and Gwyn the other weekend. Sorry we were not able to chat more. Keep us posted on your class at Marc Adams school as I have thought about taking one.



Victor - in Hot and Humid Houston said...

Bronze 4.5 is good. Don't drop it.

The work bench is coming along nicely. Where did you score the huge wooden screws?

My workbench consists of glued up 2"x3"x6.5's over two saw horses solid as a rock until I convert a certain pile of 6/4 maple that is adjusting to my shop conditions.

Jeff Skiver said...


The truth is my wife doesn't have time to read my blog. As a world famous Pediatric Cardiologist she is constantly jetting all over the world to save the lives of innocent children. Then, when she does have a free moment, she is always doing one of her modeling gigs just to prove to herself that she still "has it." Not only does she not have time to spend the millions she makes...she cannot even begin to touch all of the money her Oil Baron father left her.

(OK...that's complete B.S., but I said that in the hopes of stirring up insane jealousy in the hearts of any old girlfriends who happen across my blog.)

In reality, Gail and I are reverse of the American Stereotype. I'm a spender, and she is frugal. If she drops $25 on yarn (she's a prolific knitter) you would think she had stolen food out of an Ethiopian child's mouth. ($25 = H-U-G-E buyer's remorse: "I don't know if I should have spent that much...")

Gail and I compliment each other very well.

Jeff Skiver said...


Thanks for your compliments on Heinz. FYI...we had a great time meeting you and the other guys from the East Coast. I think we have finally put Michigan's East Coast/West Coast Gangsta Rapper Woodworking Feud to rest.

By the way, please don't mention Gwyn. She's my mail order Russian bride that I keep in a small condo over in Lake Orion. If Gail ever finds out about her, my marriage is OVER.

As for Marc Adams, I need to dedicate at least an entire blog entry to him and the school.

Short version...in 2004 I get into Woodworking and catch David Marks on DIY. He quickly becomes my TV Mentor. I decide to take a class with David, but didn't want to travel to California. Hey... COOL!!!!! David is teaching a class at some school 8 miles from my parent's house in Indianapolis.... I've been combining vacations, family visits, and woodworking classes ever since.

I have this idea that when I reach eternal judgment and God says, "Well done, my good and faithful servant," the pearly gates will swing open to reveal a place similar to Marc's school.

Jeff Skiver said...


I got screwed by...wait...that gives the wrong impression.

I acquired the big maple screws from Stephen Fee: sfee13@verizon.net

I learned of Stephen through Chris Schwarz.

However, Chris recently met a guy (Joe Comunale) from Romeo, Michigan who appears to be making some nice stuff. Chris' link is here:


I think you can get directly to Joe's site at: www.bigwoodvise.com

BTW...I don't think these hyperlinks will work, so you may have to just cut and paste the URLs. I hope this helps.

Jeffrey said...

I noticed the earlier comment regarding wood vise screws and just as a heads up that Lake Erie Toolworks is a new company headed by Nick Dombrowski - website: www.lakeerietoolworks.com that offers the largest wood vise screws and related wood vise screw kits available on the market today.

Take care,