Thursday, August 13, 2009

Absense Makes the Heart Grow Fonder...


You just never know how popular you really are.

I did my normal Google search of my name today to see how things have changed after going 3 months without a blog entry.

Look what I found....

There are some who say they are fans of the blog, but look at Hannah Bradley. That chick went and changed her middle name to "Jeff Skiver."


Others have claimed to be my "Number 1 fan". One person was just non-committal enough to claim to be my "Number 2 fan."

But Hannah Bradley showed her allegiance without ever even emailing me to tell me how much she loved my work.

Folks, I am sorry for going away for so long. I just never realized how much everyone loves me.

If any other Skiving Off fan has enacted a name change, gotten a tattoo, or (in the case of a black fraternity member) gotten my name or image BRANDED on their body.... feel free to let me know.

You are the people who make all of the hard work and suffering worthwhile.

As Coach Dale said, "I love you guys."


JasonB said...

Awakening from Skiver-deficiency-and-breath-holding-induced coma: Wha... wha... what?? no post since Norm bought his first router and now we get three posts in three days!!!??? unnnnhhh..... (Overwhelmed and back in a coma).

Murphy said...

JasonB - Sorry about the whole reporting you dead thing. Coma and death look alot alike. Next time I'll use the mirror trick. Oh, and sorry about the puncture wound too - trying to check core temp.

So glad to see you are still alive and that Skiver managed to elude the authorities in Rio. Rumor is that Gail has "taken care" of the young hotties wanting to pose for the driftwood carving.

Good to have you back in country Jeff. No new tattoos or name changes to report. Guess I may have fallen off the top ten list of Skiver fans.

JasonB said...

No problem Murphy. It was touch and go for a while; but I finally pulled through. When I told a friend that Skiver had promised a new blog post in June, he said "Don't hold your breath." Well, with all the faith I have in Jeff, you know I had to defend him and prove this guy wrong. Next thing I know, it's 6 weeks later and I'm coming out of a coma.

As for the top ten list, I thought there was only about eight of us, so you're probably still safe.