Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Human Rights Must Be Stopped

Will we ever escape prejudice?

A couple of days ago I happened to notice that a friend of mine had signed The Universal Declaration for Human Rights. I was floored. I honestly felt like someone punched me in the stomach. You think you know some people. This woman had always appeared to be a peace-lovin’, left wing votin’, rainbow flag wavin’, gun hatin’ soul. Then, I find out she’s one of them. So, I wrote her a note. I have copied it below in the hopes that the readers of this blog will see that hate mongers are among us. They may disguise themselves, but eventually the hate comes out.

Wanda, I saw where you signed the Universal Declaration for Human Rights on Facebook. What are you thinking? This isn’t you. I wish I could just look the other way, but I have to let you know this makes me sick. How can you jump up on a soapbox and start waving a flag of superiority just because you are predisposed to do things with your right hand?

This is ponderous, and it is wrong. Don’t give me any of your crap or spout any of your dogma about it either. I’ve heard all of the tired old lines. “It’s not about hatin’ on the Lefties…this is just celebrating those of us who are right handed.” That’s BUNK, and you know it. Why should it matter whether a person is right handed or left handed? What is so sick and twisted in your world that you can judge people like that? Do you hate the little Left Handed kids, too? Where do the ambidextrous fall on your hate list?

Despite what you right handed Nazis think, all human beings are equal and deserve the same access and opportunity to achieve love, success, and happiness….regardless of which hand they use.

So as you take the pen in your hand to sign this Universal Declaration of Human Rights, I want you to understand that I am taking my pen in hand to fight you and the people like you. I will not stand by and watch as you try to suppress left handed people.

Finally, let me say one thing. If anyone questions my motives or feels I am fighting this particular hatred with too much zeal, let me confirm one fact… I (Jeff Skiver) am Right Handed. However, I will NEVER be like you and your kind.

Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."


Anonymous said...

Simply... Bizzare.

Jeff Skiver said...

Is it "Bizzare" that some of us believe there should be equality?

Is it "Bizzare" to think that both right handed and left handed people can peacefully coexist?

I believe what is truly bizarre is that some people think it's something special just because they throw a ball, grip a saw, or swing a mallet with their right hand. you're right handed... big deal... so am I. But I don't need to sign an International Declaration celebrating it like it's some sign of superiority.

Now if you want to talk about superior human beings... it's the Galoots. Harrrrumphhhh!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bizzare or not..

As a driving aficionado, I'm surprised you didn't have any thoughts on the fact that every automobile on the planet unfairly favors the right-footed.

Mike said...

Sorry, Jeff, but I cannot stand by while yet another apologist for the Sinister Tribe spreads his pro-lefty propaganda. They are not to be trusted!

And I should know, I'm married to one.

JasonB said...

I agree with Mike. You ask "Is it "bizzare" to think that both right handed and left handed people can peacefully coexist?" Based on my experience as a right-hander married to a left-hander, I believe that peaceful co-existence is near to impossible.