Tuesday, August 26, 2008

not THAT ebony...

Yesterday I posted a blog entry on dealing with the guilt from other people who have unrealistic paradigms of what life (and specifically woodworking) should be.

I wrote it in the morning, and then a little after lunch I came back in from getting the mail and read an article in the latest Popular Woodworking that somehow applies. Its connection to the blog post is convoluted, but it does apply.

In the backpage feature (Out of the Woodwork) of the latest (October 2008) PopWood, the author talks about certain boards being almost too good to use. Meanwhile yesterday, I argued that perhaps I should hide some really, really nice lumber inside a cabinet piece where almost no one will ever see it.

Perhaps they are both dumbass arguments???? Maybe the PopWood article is just as screwed up as my blog posting??? The thing is they were both written by the same dumbass.

You see, I didn't know that issue was due out so soon. Normally, when I have an article in the magazine, they send me a couple of free preview copies about two weeks before the magazine goes out to subscribers. That didn't happen this time; I was still looking for my preview copies yesterday when I found the real thing. So even though I knew my Out of the Woodwork feature "Et Tu Brute" would eventually be out in circulation, I certainly didn't realize it would arrive at my house on the same day I published a blog post defending my right to use any lumber I choose. (Also, let me go on record clearly stating I would NEVER make drawer sides from the wide ebony mentioned in the magazine.)

So....let's scramble for some credibility here....

I think rather than saying I am a dumbass who has managed to put out conflicting thoughts on the use of good lumber versus prized lumber....I instead am going to embrace the USA election year political mentality of saying, "I didn't flip flop...I am just making sure I represent as many different voter opinions as possible."


Ethan said...

That's awesome, Jeff.

Let's hope the karma from this incident doesn't have anything to do with the missing skew chisel!

Anonymous said...

FYI 55 gallon drums are less than 36 inches, not 48

Anonymous said...

Um, sorry 'bout that. I blame our printer -- I didn't get my box of Oct issues until last week.

Jeff Skiver said...


How timely....I just walked into the house with about 400 pounds of mail...including the big envelope from you with my free issues.

Naturally, I will now take these out and donate them to the old gummers' home down the road.

That is probably a better choice than what I have done with previous free copies of my published work that you provided. (In past months I sent Skiver-filled copies of PopWood to old girlfriends along with hatefully worded notes countering their arguments from the 1990's that I would never amount to anything.)