Thursday, July 24, 2008

Signing in the Shower

I know, I know, I know….it’s been a week.

Were you worried? Any chance you thought I had been sucked into a machine and was still spinning around the cyclone just waiting to drop down into the dust bin?

Well, it’s nothing that dramatic. Instead, I have just been distracted by things in life other than the blog. I’m sorry. I know you deserve better.

Today on the way to work I started fixating on all of the pressures and distractions that we face in life, and the next thing you know in an effort to find clarity I was scribbling out my random, deep thoughts as I drove along.

This morning I bypassed the 40mpg economy of the Jetta in favor of the top down sun-basking glory of the Benz, and I think that (the near heat stroke from the sun) is what led to the eclectic mix of today’s thoughts .

Without further babbling, here are today’s little nuggets....or as the late, great Mr. Carlin would's Brain Droppings:

Recently I put Baby in a Corner, and it was actually about as anti-climactic as the time I messed with Texas.

My old girlfriend Carly still confuses me….even now, years after we broke up. I understand she was mad about the breakup, and she wrote the song about my being vain. However, given her follow-up song about me was NOBODY DOES IT BETTER, don’t I kind of have a right to be vain? Come on, Carly. It’s time to move on.

Speaking of songs, I was talking to Neil Diamond last week, and he told me that in the original version of Cracklin’ Rosie….the line went, “Cracklin’ Rosie make me a sandwich….”

Which do you think chess playing woodworkers struggle more with…..end grain or end game?

Do Deaf people sign in the shower?

That was it. Notice there were far fewer thoughts today. It’s because the commute is so much faster in the Mercedes than in the VW….

For the record, there was no Night Ranger during this morning’s drive to throw my world into a Tizzy. Rather, the drive was somewhat calm and relaxing, with the exception of one radio visit from Rammstein that made me move the shifter lever from sixth to fourth and plant the right foot hard.

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