Sunday, January 20, 2008

I hope we're at Notre Dame, because I just saw 4 Horsemen

The Apocalypse has come...

I am on assignment for Popular Woodworking. In a manner of speaking Chris Schwarz sent me on the road this weekend to do actual Magazine type work.

If you have a Safe Room in your home, I suggest you go there now.

My assignment must be proof that defeat, war, famine, and death are riding into town at a full gallop.

In fact, go dig up your dusty old Mike and the Mechanix cassette and then go call the people you care about and tell them you love them while there's still time.


Jeff Skiver said...

See... stock markets all over the world tanked today. I told you that I singlehandedly brought on the Apocalypse with my weekend activities. Also, I realized today that given the international makeup of the folks that follow this blog, I was probably wrong to make somewhat obscure references to American Collegiate Football teams of the 1920's. I apologize to all of you in Australia, New Zealand, Burkina Faso, and Zanzibar who are not avid followers of the University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football.'s interesting that I would be a Notre Dame Football fan given their third largest winning margin of all time came at the expense of my alma mater. Then again, that 103-0 defeat of my own Rose Poly Fightin' Engineers back in October of 1914 was a satellite only game (prior to the exclusive NBC contract) so I missed it. 103 to just don't see a lot of butt kickings like that nowadays unless of course you were looking at your international stock portfolio this morning.

Steve W. Carter said...

Jeff -- my introduction to your bolg came from our friend Marc's site. I have spent a very enjoyable evening reading your posts. I've laughed until I had tears. Your humor is as delightful as it is perverted!