Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Angels Among Us....

We are home from Ireland. In the 16 years since I graduated from Rose-Hulman (my glorious Alma Mater), this is the first time I have ever had two weeks off of work (other than Christmas shutdowns or the dreaded company downsize). It was almost like having a sabbatical.

Although at least 100 people a day hit this blog, I have to assume my mother is the only one who actually reads it. So, Mom, I know how tough it has been for you to not have new material to stare at. Therefore, I think to make up for the lack of blogging over the last two or three weeks, I am going to do a bunch of short little posts over the next few days. They will be much shorter than normal, but there will be more of them. So, in some ways for at least a week or two I am going to finally make this blog what a blog should be....short and interesting. We will start that plan off tonight.

Ready.... Let's do it:

I am about 77% bought in to that concept of a parallel universe that is exactly like ours with the exception that George Bailey was never born causing Bedford Falls to indeed become Potterville. I saw something on my trip to Ireland that provides a data point in support of parallel lives/universes.

While in Dublin a couple of weeks ago I happened upon a 14 year old version of myself.

I have a fun little thing I like to do. When I see someone taking pictures, I like to provide delightful background scenery. I don't mean the obligatory throwing up of bunny ears behind one of the photo's main subjects. I mean adding happy little scenes that although visible are still subtly pushed off in the shadows. For example there are more than a few wedding reception photos where a keen eye will catch me performing the solo Heimlich maneuver on the back of a chair. There are family reunion photos that would APPEAR to have me punching one of my 4 year old nephews right in the kidney.

Two weeks ago as my lovely wife Gail took a picture of our friends and travel mates crossing the Ha'Penny Bridge, a young Dubliner managed to stop and jump into the photo just at the exact moment when Gail fired the shot. My best friend Matthew saw this going down and was clearly puzzled by the event, but his wife Marikay was oblivious to it. As soon as the picture was shot, the young man drifted away into the crowd, and was never seen again. Let me go on record with this...Guinness Factory, Cliffs of Moher, River Shannon...none of the subsequent photos from the trip gives me as much happiness and joy as the smart alecky kid on the Ha'Penny Bridge.

I am glad to know that as I move onto young adulthood there is a new generation of Weisenheimer out there ready to pick up the mantle and make this world a less serious place to be.

Perhaps he was a comedy angel???? Here is a new scripture for my personal Bible I am writing in my spare time, "The funniest candid moments of life are when you have entertained comedy angels unawares."

Bravo to my kindred spirit in Dublin shown in the photo below.

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